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Homra x Reader When Homra Goes to School
You're probably the only person who genuinely likes to learn in school. Although school itself can be qualified as living hell, mostly because of your classmates. Who can be generalized as either assholes or sluts. None of whom you're very fond of. You close your locker and turn to leave school, with an armful of books. Avoiding the irritating giggles of passing girls. You make your way out of the school and move toward the front gate avoiding looking at anyone for too long. You really don't want any trouble today.
"Hey (y/n)! "
"Yata?"You turn around to see a certain ginger leaning against a wall skateboard in hand, Totsuka, Mikoto and Anna standing with him.
"What are you guys doing here?"
Totsuka happily replies “We were all bored and thought we’d pick you up from school, it’s definitely not because we wanted to scare the crap out of those kids who were giving you trouble.” Anna nods her head and Mikoto gives a grunt of approval.
You roll your eyes. “Yo
:iconherroyalhighness202:HerRoyalHighness202 123 10
Reader x Suoh Mikoto: Fortunate Meeting
I have always known that my life won’t be easy, but I have never imagined that I would run away like a criminal. And I’m only the little sister of one.
My big brother is well-known in the criminal-scene. He killed many people and is in big contact with the Yakuza. That’s why Scepter 4 is looking for him and they think I know where he is. But I haven’t seen him for about two years. The only contact we have is the money he sends me every month.
A few days ago people from Scepter 4 stood in front of my apartment and wanted information. Then two days ago and today they wanted to bring me to their headquarter. When they said that I got in panic and ran away.
And now I’m here running like an idiot and panting heavily.
I know that they have special abilities and I’m really glad that they haven’t used them on me, but I’m just scared as hell of Scepter 4.  
Turning around a corner I look for a place to hide. The only thing I see is a bar. Not
:iconpossibly-wrong:possibly-wrong 196 32
Mikoto Suoh x reader: Posession - Chapter five
"Grrhmrm" Mikoto groaned as he pressed the right side of his face in the pillow, experiencing the first morning fragrances. He felt soft strokes of hair, twisted between his fingers. He reached for the curtain and pushed it open slightly. The lion then opened his eyes, lurking at the young females body pressed against him, tip of her nose pointing in his side and her one hand clenched to the elastic of his boxer. He immediately felt the blush coming to his face, as he couldn't help the thoughts of her tender form belonging to him flashing through his head. A very soft hoarse moan escaped him. Imagen waking up to her everyday... And just picture her... naked form... His face was now completely red as the thought took shape in his head. Hmm... ___________... He frowned and squeezed his eyes, to then glare back at her. She's so cute, his fingers caressed her hair. "nnng" she suddenly groaned, snuggling and pressing her nose even more in his side. The tickles caused Mikoto to almost chuckl
:iconeva006:eva006 102 39
Mikoto Suoh x reader: Posession - Chapter four
"Eh... Ehm, it's just that, I had a nightmare and, and, and I got really scared, and, I..." with a great feeling of regret tears were coming to your eyes. "Relax" He said in a tired voice as he patted your arm. You calmed down, and his warm hand made you feel happy. "I... I just had a nightmare and, I got really scared and, and I couldn't sleep... I ehm..." you stuttered, and trying to bring yourself to words there was a moment of silence. "Hmm" he brought out, and turned around in the bed, now in the same position as he was when entering the room. Huh... Did you really just see the littlest bit of a smile when he turned his back to you? What is hmm? He didn't do anything though... So you could stay.... You could stay... Happiness started to spread through your entire body. You could stay! Safe and sound, no one could do anything to you if you were with him!
No one's POV
With a big smile she re-nestled herself in the mattress, nuzzling up a bit closer to him. With a sigh she closed her
:iconeva006:eva006 91 21
Mikoto Suoh x reader: Posession - Chapter three
The rest of the day went by fast, and the evening started to fall. You sat with Anna in the couch, looking at drawings she had made. Quite some of Homra men were in the bar as well, drinking, talking, but Mikoto was nowhere to be seen. Anna's drawings were lovely, but you couldn't help to let your thoughts wander off, thinking of him. He had reacted quite strange on your story earlier... You wondered what he was up to... Hmmm? Your eyes widenend and you seemed to have gotten back to earth. The red haired male walked in, with tired looking eyes. He probably noted your staring and glared at you, giving you a blush and making you look down. He went to the bar and sat down on the first seat he could find.
The leather of the sofa creaked, looking next to you, you found Kusanagi who had sit down, holding his drink.
"You allright?" he asked in his usual comfortable way. "Oh, yeah... Sure" you said trying to smile, but failing to. He somewhat seemed to smile in your place, but you could still
:iconeva006:eva006 92 5
Mikoto Suoh x reader: Posession - Chapter two
Readers POV
You woke up, feeling warm and cosy wrapped in the sheets . When You openend your eyes You were confused for a moment, but then everything happening last night came back to you. A shiver went down your back. You slipped your foot out of the bed, and stood up. You looked down, inspecting the big shirt that you were dressed in. You pulled the fabric up your nose and smelled it, as the sweet manly scent entered your nose you felt a little bit of joy, thinking of this kind man having done all those things for you. Then you suddenly had a flashback... There was that other man too... With his burning red hair, burning like the fierceness and anger in his eyes, but also bright, bright like the compassion and kindness in his heart. You had felt a great comfort last night, when he put you back to sleep. A good feeling.
You seemed to have end up in a place with many warmhearted, but still, how could you possible ever trust any person at all. At the other hand, they were of great help,
:iconeva006:eva006 104 10
Mikoto Suoh x reader: Posession - Chapter one
No one's POV
*SLAM* the door rushed open, and a soaked figure fell down on it's knees. All the members of Homra who were present in the bar turned their heads. "Are you all right??" Kusanagi asked worrisome. There was no response, and he walked towards the miserable looking girl. "Can you hear me?" He reached with his hand to tap her shoulder, but as he did, she suddenly turned her head, crawled back, and looked at him. Her bright (e/c) eyes seemed to pierce his soul, he was nailed to the ground. She looked around confused. "Eh-where am I??!" Kusanagi regained his awareness and answered her "The Homra bar, you only just rushed in. Is everything all right?" Tears were welling up in her eyes, and as she blinked, a big one streamed down her face. "Please help me! Please!" She screamed, as she reached forward and clenched herself onto Kusanagis legs. He was again astonished. He felt her shivering heavily, and how cold and drained she was.
"What is all this noise?" a heavy voice made everyo
:iconeva006:eva006 154 4
Nap Time (Mikoto Suoh x Reader)
  Surprised eyes immediately shot to your form the second you entered the HOMRA bar. Your (Favorite Color) blouse was sticking to your form as water dripped from your jeans onto the floor. (Hair Color) strands were plastered to your forehead and the back of your neck as you stood in the doorway and (Eye Color) eyes glared at nothing particular. A frown was set into your features. It was rather easy to tell that you were pissed off and upset.
  Everyone else was going about their daily business. Mikoto and Anna were lounging on the couch. Tatara, Yata, and Kamamoto were playing cards against each other. Last, but not least, Izumo stood behind the counter, cleaning a glass so that it shined every time it touched the light.
  "Totsuka, could you get (Name)-chan a towel please?" Izumo questioned, placing one glass down before moving on to the next.
  Tatara stood up, placed his cards down on the table, and disappeared for a few seconds. The blonde haired male returned w
:iconsilverfeather99:SilverFeather99 205 9
(Mikoto x Reader) Cold
Snippets. Brief images, sounds, smells and sensations. A soft voice. A warm hand gently stroking your head. The smell of spring and sunshine. A smile and a laugh full of joy. But most of all, a song, a lullaby, quiet and beautiful.
Those are the only memories you have of your birthmother. Ghostly. Distant. Like an echo. So vague, that you sometimes wonder if they’re just dreams. Illusions, wishful thinking, consolation when you lay in your bed at the orphanage, cold, lonely and thinking the whole world was against you. The orphanage was poor, hence, they could not afford heating throughout the whole winter. Most of the children slept in each other’s beds, giggling and whispering in the quiet, dark night.
You were shy. Silent. And when someone spoke to you, you would seldom answer. After a while, they stopped. You were alone. And cold. And that’s when the memories resurfaced and you would sit and sing softly to yourself, hoping that one day, it wou
:iconcorona18:Corona18 234 37
Somniatis {Mikoto Suoh x Reader}
Have you ever had troubles sleeping?
But you know, not because your neighbors are too loud, or because your room is too cold/hot and whatever you do you’re still freezing/melting.
No, I don’t mean that kind of troubles.  I mean when you’re lying in bed and your eyes just can’t close. When you just can’t find your OFF switch and you turn around, getting tangled with your sheets in the progress.
When you can’t sleep and you just don’t know why. Well, that’s what [Name] was going through tonight.
She went to bed early that night, accompanying her boyfriend, Mikoto Suoh.
Unlike [Name], Mikoto was able to fall asleep as soon as he lied on the bed.
Since she couldn’t find herself sleeping any time soon, she just lied next to him, staring blankly at the ceiling when not at him.
She wondered how sleep was such an easy thing for him, how he slept almost all day and he still seemed tired.
Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t seem to no
:iconreinachan22:ReinaChan22 170 12
My King [Mikoto Suoh x Reader]
“What do you mean?” Mikoto asked into his phone, an irritated tone seeping into his voice.
Everyone was always trying to intervene somewhere and set him behind. He couldn’t stand it. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. Those nosey Blue’s just couldn’t stay out of his business, could they?
Without waiting for an answer, Mikoto threw his phone across the room, ignoring the sound that it made as it hit the wall, most likely damaging it beyond repair. Not that he cared. It meant little to him, only a means of communication.
His temper flared; he would now have to put his plans on hold for yet another week to try and find a different location. The next Blue he saw, he was going to-
“My king,” a soft voice called from behind him before he felt two soft hands run over his abdomen, their user standing behind him, her head barely reaching the bottom of his shoulder.
Those two words, those two hands, were all it took. Sighing, Mikoto rested his
:iconmz-hyde:Mz-Hyde 75 6
cigarettes and coffee. | mikoto suoh x reader
Quiet mornings, slummed over in arm chairs, steaming coffee mugs and several cigarette buds in the dual ashtrays. It was mornings like these that gave you an excuse to just admire Mikoto's beauty. His amber eyes flickered to your own as he watched you stare longingly at him, chin in your palm, a small smile etched onto your pleasant lips. He felt himself smirk as he took your free hand in his, rough and calloused as studied them for a moment, brushing his thumb over the soft skin before he brought them to his lips. Your heart fluttered at his soft touch, mouth warm and alluring as you leaned against the arm of his chair and plucked out the cigarette between his lips and put it out in the nearby ashtray all while gazing into his eyes. 
And your lips met his, first carefully and gentle, not at all like his usual hungry and overwhelming kisses. It was slow, tender. Your kisses, fluttery and light and you planted your lips on his and he couldn't help but break out into a hug
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 88 13
black eye. | mikoto suoh x reader
a/n: this fic actually has multiple character interactions but is revolved around re and mikoto, enjoy!
The Homra homebase was currently vacant with the exception of Izumo behind the bar, Anna sitting at the bar as you were threading your fingers through her ivory strands while she sipped at her drink that Izumo had prepared for her not too long ago. Feet padded along the hardwood floor as they creaked with every step. Everyone looked up from what they were doing to stare up at the fiery red head clad in a black cotton shirt and plaid pajama pants. His sleepy form silently made his way to the bar stools and plopped on the one beside Anna's as he held a hand over his right eye. Izumo and you exchanged similar looks before approached the situation at hand.
"G'morning, stranger. Here's your breakfast~" Izumo greeted, sliding the mouthwatering plate of pancakes and coffee. Mikoto only grunted in acknowledgement as he struggled to cut his pancakes with merely his for
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 132 14
Depressed and Alone: Zamasu X Male!Human!Reader

New story for you guys and yes this takes place in the future. This is sort of a AU where humans are losing hope after Mai and Trunks died plus Goku and Vegeta can't return to help as the time machine is out of fuel. Enjoy.
"Hold onto hope (Name), we will win this battle! Don't give up hope..."
Those were the last words your best friend Trunks said to you before he left you to fight Black and Zamasu. Sadly, he didn't return as he was killed at the hands of the dark duo. You was greatly affected as so was the resistant. Your best friend is gone. All that is left to keep hope alive was Trunks' other friend Mai as she made sure that no one dies. Unfortunately she met her end when a sneak attack on Zamasu went wrong as Black decimated the troops and killed Mai on the spot. This broke your heart and shattered your soul. You was alone now.... No friends.... Or family...
"Why m
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 29 22
Dancing With a Devil: Goku Black X Male!Reader

Someone's gotta do a X Reader story featuring Goku Black so I'm doing it! I don't care what the people say but I'm doing it. BTW, the reader is a Saiyan. I don't own Dance with the Devil. Enjoy.
They say that hope conquers all. That it's strength can overcome the most powerful of people. Well, it use to have a meaning..... But it doesn't anymore.... It's now a load of bullshit. At least to you......
Here I stand, helpless and left for dead.
You watched as the resistance started to crumble, soldier deaths started to pile up from 10 to 50. Yet despite the odds, they kept going, including your friends Mai and Trunks. While you can only stop and stare as your will for fighting and hope of winning died out when Zamasu joined the battle. No longer had you have the will to fight as you can only hide from sight.
Close your eyes, so many days go by
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 33 8
Kamen Rider Kirly by tuanenam Kamen Rider Kirly :icontuanenam:tuanenam 69 22



Packing and leaving to florida
♡Art by 坂口 銀次郎 from pixiv♡
Character : xu shu dynasty warriors

" hi guys its me izzy im leaving puerto rico to florida !!"
31 deviations
I apologize if I have not asked you guys permission to use your art for my stuff on quotev but I as I said on my about page on quotev ,like all respectful follower I do not own the pictures or the picture ocs I use for my books all credit goes to the artists
Thank you tobot gang for following me !you guys can role play tobot with me when ever you wish !
im back and  im going to be writing my story's from now on in wattpad and check some fanfictions x reader storys ive made or making . awesome cruw : coffe madness and yes I now that I made one here but this one in wattpad is super humor in it and you will laugh really hard . ive been good my art is looking better than before and yes you can request a anime character ill try my bets to make your request come true and wort of all my one of my auntis was fighting with mom and things got really bad so wish me luck if it all turns out fine !



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I'm like to draw , paint, and get inspired by other people's art . I love to play vedio games and use the Internet for ideas to make my art . I have fans that are my friends and they are fun and crazy like me . I hop you will accept me and be my devianart friends!


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